practice area: Intellectual Property

Is your trade mark registered in Jamaica and elsewhere?

Some companies are willing to spend millions on the registration of their trade marks because they understand the value and goodwill that may be associated with a brand represented by a trade mark. The intangible assets of an enterprise, including trade marks, can be more valuable than its tangible assets, including land.  A trade mark […]

Is a promise a comfort to a fool?

We’ve all heard the adage a promise is a comfort to a fool, but is that always true? Some promises are in fact very comforting. A promissory note is an example of one of these comforting promises.  What is a promissory note?  A promissory note is an unconditional promise in writing made by one person […]

Consumer Protection; Recognizing your Rights

Consumer Protection; Recognizing your RightsHave you ever purchased a fan to survive a hot summer day, only to reach home, plug it in and get no breeze? The Consumer Protection Act was enacted to safeguard the interests of the consumer to ensure a fair and just marketplace in Jamaica. Who is a Consumer?A consumer in […]

Write it down! The benefits of reducing contracts to writing

Everyday individuals and companies enter contracts to achieve their objectives. Generally, contracts can be written, oral or by conduct. Although the law may require specific types of contracts to be in writing or executed in a particular way, there is no general requirement for contracts to be in writing. Many people often create oral contracts, […]

Joint Accounts: To Gift or Not to Gift?

It is generally accepted that the establishment of joint accounts and/or the ‘gifting’ of assets to intended beneficiaries during one’s lifetime are recommended ways by which an individual can prudently engage in estate planning.  These have become prominent particularly in an effort to avoid, where possible, the costs of probate and administration, the attendant taxes […]

Understanding the Essentials of the Rent Restriction Act for Your Lease Agreement&nbsp

Many landlords have been startled to learn that, despite carefully prepared written lease agreements, there are statutory provisions which restrict their rights and create obligations vis a vis their tenants.  Landlords often first learn about the controls contained in the Rent Restriction Act (the “Act”) at the least opportune time, for example, right before trying […]

Dorothy Pine McLarty Retirement

Affectionately known as Mikki, she joined Myers, Fletcher & Gordon (“MFG”) as an articled clerk in 1962 under the tutelage of one of the Firm’s founding partners, W.S.K. Gordon. Mikki was later admitted to practice as a Solicitor in 1967 and employed as an Associate of the Firm. In 1973, she became the first woman […]

Tribute to Mrs. Suzanne Ffolkes Goldson

Myers, Fletcher & Gordon (“MFG”) is deeply saddened by the passing of Mrs. Suzanne Ffolkes Goldson.  Suzanne’s accomplishments as a scholar and practitioner in the areas of corporate governance and commercial law are only exceeded by her over three decades as a lecturer at the Faculty of Law at the University of the West Indies, […]

Do I Need a Power of Attorney?

You may experience a time in your life when it is inconvenient or impractical to carry out your own affairs, whether it relates to your business, property, bank accounts or even a matter before the court. In some of those circumstances, executing a power of attorney might be a solution for you. What is a […]

The Cost of an Improper Decision

If you are a resident in a community within which developments are springing up around you, you should be aware of the legal mechanism to hold public bodies accountable. Judicial review is the process by which the Supreme Court exercises its inherent supervisory jurisdiction over inferior courts, tribunals and other bodies or persons performing public […]