Practice Areas


MF&G’s litigation team provides our clients with first-rate advice and representation.
The litigation team offers a total range of services from contentious court disputes to mediation and arbitration.

Mediation & Arbitration

As a firm, we strongly value the benefits of mediation and work with clients to fulfill the requirements of Jamaican law that make this process mandatory for many civil litigation matters.

Mergers & Acquisitions

MF&G assists its local and international clients with takeovers—offering key advice on structures and logistics connected to these mergers and acquisitions.


The firm represents and advises private and corporate clients in all areas of mining, from obtaining licenses to establishing agreements with the Government and complex litigation.


MF&G’s pension team regularly advises all parties: sponsor companies, trustees, administrators and investment managers.

Real Estate

Real Estate has been a core practice area at MF&G since the firm’s inception, over 70 years ago. We represent individuals, a broad range of private sector entities, foreign investors and government institutions in transactions to acquire, dispose of, finance and develop real estate in Jamaica, bringing our clients decades of experience and high quality service from the beginning, to the end of all transactions.


This practice team works with dealers and issuers of securities to achieve greater understanding and compliance with a web of laws and rules affecting this industry.

Shipping & Marine

In one of the world’s busiest trans-shipment ports, the firm’s legal advice and support is crucial to a wide range of marine companies and P&I Clubs.

Special Economic Zones

MF&G’s Special Economic Zones (“SEZ”) practice group  includes a multidisciplinary team of attorneys devoted to helping clients  plan, procure, lease or build and finance SEZ investment projects in Jamaica.

Sports, Media & Entertainment

The attorneys in the firm's Sports, Media & Entertainment Law Practice group practice all aspects of Intellectual Property and Commercial Law relevant to this niche market.

Structured Finance

MF&G handles everything from domestic and cross-border credit facilities and financing products, to the forward sale of commodities, securitization of receivables, leasing and off-balance sheet financing, repurchase and participation agreements, set off, netting and sweep arrangements and project finance.


We advise both individuals and corporations on all aspects of direct and indirect taxation in Jamaica.


MF&G represents tourism professionals at every stage of property development, as well as in litigation connected to tourism operations. We assist with the purchase and sale of existing hotel properties and undeveloped sites, operations leases, management contracts and hotel construction and finance.


MF&G has experience representing clients in all forms of negotiation, and advising in various areas of market access and logistics.

Trusts, Estates & Probate

MF&G helps clients draft documents, settle estates, and also plan estates—working closely with the firm’s tax team to ensure maximum efficiency.