The firm has acted for local and international insurance companies in matters ranging from regulatory requirements to product development.

MF&G represents local and international life and general insurance companies conducting business in Jamaica, and maintains ties with the Financial Services Commission and the insurance regulation. We help clients meet and monitor regulatory requirements relating to capital adequacy, statutory deposits, investments, solvency, registration of insurance products and other corporate requirements—including regular filings.

We frequently advise insurance companies, brokerages, agencies and reinsurance companies on registration and licensing, operational and contract matters and tax issues. Our attorneys have experience in the transfer and assumption of insurance portfolios (including life insurance) and in the reorganization of insurance groups.

MF&G assists insurance companies with product development, and with tailoring policies to conform to detailed requirements of the Insurance Act and Insurance Regulations. We also advise on the development of equity-linked insurance policies.

MF&G is the firm of choice in Jamaica for most of the major P&I Clubs and Vessel and Hull Indemnity Clubs and Associations.