Consumer Protection

The attorneys within this practice group guide and advise companies, whether new or established or those seeking to do business in Jamaica, in relation to contracts relating to the sale and distribution of goods, title retention arrangements, import and export contracts and promotional and advertising arrangements.

This team assists clients with navigating and understanding the requirements that arise under the Fair Competition Act (Jamaica’s primary anti-trust legislation), Consumer Protection Act, and Sale of Goods Act among others, as well as the related common law.

 We also represent clients as they apply and negotiate with the Bureau of Standards and the Fair Trading Commission, ultimately allowing them to bring goods and services to market in full compliance with the law. We also advise clients in relation to the registration of pesticides, pharmaceuticals and other products requiring registration pursuant to the Food & Drugs Act. Members of this practice group also have expertise in advising on product labelling and compliance with the standards applicable to the sale and distribution of goods in Jamaica and regularly liaise within the relevant government bodies.