Business & Workforce Solutions

Mergers & Acquisitions

MFG assists its local and international clients with mergers and acquisitions —offering key advice on structures and logistics necessary to see these transactions through to completion.

We work with vendors or purchasers of companies, with respect to share or asset acquisitions, including take-overs of companies listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, unlisted entities as well as regulated companies. 

Our knowledge and experience in other practice areas allow us to guide clients through the regulatory and other implications relevant to a proposed merger or acquisition, whether it be industry specific, environmental, labour or employment related, tax or otherwise. 

For purchasers, we also conduct extensive legal due diligence investigations providing much needed analysis of the legal framework relevant to the particular industry, review and assessment of the commercial agreements of the business, its real estate and other assets as well as an analysis of the business’ data protection compliance and review of pending litigation.