Special Economic Zones

MFG’s Special Economic Zones (“SEZ”) practice group  includes a multidisciplinary team of attorneys devoted to helping clients  plan, procure, lease or build and finance SEZ investment projects in Jamaica.

SEZs are designated geographical areas with special economic regulations that differ from the general trade, tax and investment rules of a country and which have certain fiscal/tax incentives.

Our SEZ team has advised SEZ developers, single-entity developers, occupants, zone users, sponsors, lenders, public authorities and contractors:

  1. on the legislative transition process from the Free Zone Regime to the SEZ Regime; and
  2. from concept to successfully obtaining sub-concessions and licenses approved by Jamaica Special Economic Zone Authority.

We have handled multijurisdictional logistics, business process outsourcing, energy and shipping & marine projects under our SEZ Practice umbrella.

Allow our team to efficiently address issues and challenges associated with the complete life cycle of your SEZ operation: from obtaining SEZ approvals, to secondary market transactions, to understanding your ongoing SEZ obligations.