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Hotel Development & Tourism

The tourism sector is one of the largest contributors to Jamaica’s gross domestic product and aligned with this, is a key industry and area of focus for the firm. We assist with the purchase and sale of existing hotel properties and undeveloped sites, operations leases, management contracts, franchise and licensing agreements and all other matters that concern operating within the tourism industry.

MFG also provides the legal services needed for hotel construction and finance. We assist with the structuring of investments, drafting building contracts and with obtaining planning, building and environmental approvals that are in full compliance with local and international regulations. 

Additionally, we help tourism clients obtain tax incentives, and advise clients about tax efficient structures and assist with resolving tax disputes. 

Finally, our litigation team supports the tourism team in relation to claims brought against hotels, tour operators and developers bringing its expertise in the areas of environmental law, land use and contract litigation. Outside of Jamaica, we have also provided expert testimony in foreign courts where litigants with claims against Jamaican operators have brought such actions.