Trade & Tourism


MFG has experience representing clients in all forms of negotiation and advising in various areas of market access and logistics.

The trade law practice team has represented the countries of the Caribbean Single Market as the lead negotiator in FTAA negotiations on dispute settlements. We have also represented Jamaica’s Private Sector Organisation in hemispheric discussions on competition law.

The practice team has advised the Jamaican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and several sectoral trade associations on trade issues—especially in the areas of market access and investment, transportation, and financial services.

Assisting individual companies is also a part of our practice, and we work to address specific trade issues and in trade-related strategic planning for these clients.

Finally, the trade practice team also assists companies that desire to invest throughout the Caribbean Single Market; we accordingly coordinate region-wide investments and registrations and maintain a close relationship with the Caribbean Single Market’s Regional Negotiating Mechanism (the trade negotiating body for 14 countries of the Caribbean region) and the Jamaican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.