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An Election Guide for Corporate Jamaica: Part 3


An Election Guide for Corporate Jamaica: Part 2


An Election Guide for Corporate Jamaica: Part 1


Template for Redundancy Election

120 days later: The Lay-off Dilemma by Gavin Goffe “Many employers are under the mistaken impression that a worker can only be laid off for a maximum of 120 days, but there is nothing in the law that says that. Similarly, many workers believe that they are automatically entitled to get their redundancy payment after […]

Summary of National Measures on Covid-19 under the Disaster Risk Management Act as at June 1, 2020

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Update: COVID-19 Impact

We are all grappling with the COVID -19 pandemic and the impact it has had on our way of life. We at Myers Fletcher & Gordon remain committed to the safety of our staff and clients. We are complying with the directives of our government and doing our part in the fight against the spread […]

The Holding of Company Meetings During COVID-19 Outbreak

As a result of The Disaster Risk Management (Enforcement Measures) (No 2) Order, 2020 (“the Order”) effective as of March 25, 2020, certain measures were set out by the Prime Minister  for removing or otherwise guarding against or mitigating the threat, or effects, of the COVID-19 virus and the possible consequences thereof. The measures include […]

Announcement: Working Remotely

Preparations for COVID-19

With the continued spread of COVID-19 and more recently, the ‘global pandemic’ declaration by the World Health Organization, we at Myers, Fletcher & Gordon have been taking various precautionary measures to protect the health and safety of our employees, clients, families and the wider community. We will continue to do so and to adjust our […]

Employer/Employee Rights & Responsibilities since Coronavirus (COVID-19)