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Is Your Company at Risk of Being Struck Off?

The Companies Act gives the Registrar of Companies (“the Registrar”) authority to remove a company’s name from the Register where she has reasonable cause to believe that the company is not in operation or carrying on business.  Companies have various ongoing obligations under the Act, such as the filing of notices and the filing of […]

Capital Markets: SMEs & the JSE Junior Market in 2023

The year 2022 saw a number of Junior Market listings on the Jamaica Stock Exchange.  Listings commenced immediately in January 2022 with Spur Tree Spices Jamaica Limited, whose initial public offering was oversubscribed, setting the train in motion for those to follow. While some financial pundits have predicted that one-third of the world economy will […]

Safeguarding Your Organisation Against ESG Litigation Risks

As your organization prepares to enter a new calendar year, you may be thinking of ways to increase profitability and avoid liability. One area that all companies should now be focused on is the extent to which they have any exposure for ESG claims and safeguarding against those risks. “ESG” is short for “Environmental, Social […]

DIDDLY SQUAT? What Landowners can do to Prevent Loss of Property to Squatters

An article published in The Gleaner on 5 June 2022 stated that “Despite various studies, including one from the 1970s done by Professor Carl Stone, there is still no accurate number of those occupying lands illegally in Jamaica, but an estimated 20 per cent of the country’s three million people are living on lands they have […]

“Choppa Songs” vs Constitutional Rights

Jamaica’s constitutional law disagrees with the old adage “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”. Our constitution recognises the right to freedom of expression as one of the sacrosanct liberties to be enjoyed by all in a well-ordered and functional democracy. However, it also recognises that there are some […]

Managing Risks Associated with the use of Artificial Intelligence

Many organizations now use Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) to enhance product and service delivery. One common example is the use of natural language processing to answer customer queries. This form of technology uses AI to respond to customer queries without the assistance of humans. AI technology comes with a unique set of risks, however. In March […]

How stakeholders make and lose money in the music business

The music industry has produced both millionaires and persons who can barely make ends meet. Some, unfortunately, are not very talented and never make a lot of money, while others, unfortunately, are very talented and never make a lot of money. Success in the music business depends on several factors, and not just whether an […]

Are you Competitive or Anti-Competitive?

For most companies and other legal persons thoughts of a looming recession usually turn to thoughts of mortality and survival. The company is charging headlong into a battle for survival and is prepared to use any means necessary to emerge from the rubble. Like a battle, the use of force can escalate from intimidation to […]

Does the Sexual Harassment Law Raise the Standard of Care to be discharged by an Employer?

Every employer should know that when the new sexual harassment law comes into effect, it will establish a Sexual Harassment Tribunal that will hear sexual harassment claims brought by a worker against a co-worker or an employer. The new sexual harassment law intends to impose a duty on an employer to take certain measures to […]

Avoiding the “Dead Lef” Fight

By now, we may have heard of, witnessed first-hand, or even been involved in, family squabbles over “dead lef” (i.e., the assets – land, shares, jewellery, money, etc. – left behind, following the death of a loved one). There is however a relatively simple and effective way for us to “set our affairs in order” […]