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Don’t Swing From the Chandelier then Sue

‘When you invite a person into your house to use the staircase, you do not invite him to slide down the banisters, you invite him to use the staircase in the ordinary way in which it is used’. These words of Lord Justice Scrutton in the case, The Calgrath, are as true today as they […]

Significant Changes to the Income Tax Regime in Jamaica since the White Paper on Tax Reform 2012 Part 1

The Government relies very heavily on taxes levied on the income of Jamaican residents, including taxes on interest earned on investments, salaries and business profits. However, the current situation is that only a small number of persons carry the income tax burden owing to low levels of tax compliance. Background to Tax Reform in Jamaica […]

Weeding Out Illegal Ganja Smokers

Recently, our Minister of Justice, Senator the Hon. Mark Golding, was reported as encouraging employers to review their policies on the issue of the personal use of ganja and “modernize their practices” in the light of the changes to the law, so that they don’t treat this as a basis for excluding somebody from a […]

Your Share of Vacation Time – Own It!

It is well known that our beloved Island paradise is a premier vacation destination in the Caribbean and is top-of-list for experienced World travellers. The introduction of the Timeshare Vacations Act (the “Act”) which is to take effect on an appointed day, will no doubt serve to enhance our tourism product and broaden the range […]

Legitimate Development 101

Often times in Jamaica, companies, developers, the general public and even lawyers are unaware of the various licenses and permits required to commence development operations. In light of this many developments operate in a manner tending towards breach rather than compliance with development and planning laws. Ultimately, it is in Jamaica’s best interest that the […]

More Costly Regulation for Businesses

Regulations creating a system for environmental permits and licences were first passed in 1996, and these created a list of activities for which permission from the Government is required in order to carry out the prescribed activities. After almost 20 years, the Government has finally amended these regulations and the changes have far-reaching effects both […]

A Short-lived Amnesty from the Companies Office of Jamaica

The Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ) recently announced an amnesty programmme for outstanding Annual Returns and applications for removal of companies from the Register of Companies. The amnesty will run for just over eight (8) weeks commencing on May 4, 2015 and ending on June 30, 2015. The Amnesty takes the form of: A reduction […]

Lack of Regulation on Net Billing and Wheeling Stymieing Growth in Renewable Energy – (Part 2)

As the price of fossil fuels sky-rocket or fluctuate, so do the cries of local industries, firms and households. The price of oil and, by extension, the price of electricity drives the cost of almost all goods and services. Industry experts, policymakers and their advisors have long declared that harvesting electricity from renewable energy sources […]

Navigating the JPS Monopoly – Renewable Energy Projects – (Part 1)

Jamaica has been facing an energy crisis for several decades now. Numerous studies and consultations have been held over the years in an attempt to find the solution. In October 2009, the Ministry of Energy & Mining (as it was called at the time) published Jamaica’s National Energy Policy 2009 – 2030. The objects of […]

Claiming what is rightfully yours – The Doctrine of Proprietary Estoppel

There are many cases in which the owner of land allows another person to expend money on that land or otherwise act to his detriment under a promise or expectation that he will acquire an interest in the land. Where the owner fails to follow through with his promise, he may be prevented from claiming […]