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Part 1-The Banking Services Act & The Anticipated Impact on The Financial Services Sector

The aim of the recently passed, but not yet in force, Banking Services Act (the “Act”) is to aid in the creation of a more efficient banking system by seeking to bring the legislative regime in accordance with international standards and by consolidating the different pieces of legislation that govern entities within the financial services […]

Corporate Gift Giving: Reflections on the Yuletide Season

Please, resist the urge to give me the newest, shiniest, most expensive sports car available on the car lot! Seriously, how much is too much when it comes to deciding whether one should accept or reject a gift? On the face of it, this appears to be a pretty easy question to answer, but is […]

The New Insolvency Act – Santa for the Broke?

There can be no doubt that the new Insolvency Act, as soon as it takes effect, should be well received particularly by those who have fallen on hard times. The Act may be to the broke business person what Santa Claus is to a forsaken child at Christmas, the bearer of a long awaited gift. […]

Restrictive Covenants- “Good Neighbours Respect Good Covenants”

A restrictive covenant is a legally binding agreement between a Vendor and Purchaser of land where the Purchaser agrees with the Vendor that he will not do certain acts in respect of the land, for example, a covenant not to carry on a particular trade or business on the land or a covenant not to […]

Timeshares – A Modern Investment In Vacation Property

What is a Timeshare? A timeshare is one way to vacation and invest in real estate. It is the process whereby a proprietor, usually of a residential unit or resort condominium unit (timeshare accommodations), enters into an agreement with a purchaser to acquire from the proprietor a particular period of time (typically not less than […]

Waiver: Am I liable for my breach of contract?

In the robust world of business contracts are concluded everyday. Nevertheless not every person takes time to consider the full extent of his potential liability for a breach of his contractual obligation. Consider this scenario. Xtreme Entertainment Limited is a well-known concert organiser on the island. It enters into a contract with “Sweet Chune”, one […]

Food & Ganja For Thought

Just thinking about the right (or wrong) types of food make many people hungry. When ingested in whatever form, tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”), which is the active ingredient in marijuana, cleverly fits into a group of receptors in the brain which controls the sensitivity of, among other things, the human appetite and thought processes. It is submitted […]

Dealing with “Dead Lef” – A Guide to the Probate Process

One of the most common questions asked of an attorney is ‘how can I’ deal with what Jamaicans colloquially refer to as ‘dead lef’ or inherited property left under a will. In an attempt to demystify the process the steps involved in winding up the estate follows, with the responsible person stated in brackets and […]

The Securities Act – Post the “Cash Plus Era”

Most Jamaicans likely recall the period I like to refer to as the “Cash Plus Era”. This era was marked by the rise of a number of alterative investment schemes, the two most popular of which were Cash Plus and Olint. Many Jamaicans placed money in these schemes and at least for a time received […]

What if Ray Rice were your employee?

By now you’ve probably heard of Ray Rice, for all the wrong reasons. He is the NFL player who landed the box-felt-round-the-world on his then fiancée which left her unconscious in a hotel elevator in Atlantic City. The brutal knockout was caught on camera but Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, only saw the footage months […]