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New Approach To Regulation Of Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour

The creation of a Sex Offender Register in Jamaica has been receiving much attention in recent times. The Sexual Offences Act, 2009 forms the legal basis for the creation of this Register. However, the changes brought about by this Act in the regulation of inappropriate sexual behavior is more far-reaching than the Register and represents […]

Who Does The Parking Ticket Protect? Business Or Patron?

It seems that everywhere there is a parking lot there is a person assigned to hand out plastic laminated cards to vehicles entering the premises. These cards generally contain information which reflects conflicting positions on the part of the establishment issuing the card. On the one hand, the cards warn the driver that the card […]

Rule 40 and the Business of the Olympics

The London Games may be over but the war over Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter has just begun. Usain Bolt recently added his name to the growing list of high profile athletes protesting the rule which prohibits participants in the Olympics from engaging in certain advertising activities for the period of the Games. Rule […]

A new ERA for Jamaica’s environment?

here are significant changes being proposed for the regulation and management of Jamaica’s environment which will affect businesses and business interests. Businesses, and other stakeholders, will have a chance to give their input in a series of public consultations being held by the government in October to discuss Green Paper No. 2/2010 “The establishment of […]

Guarding Your Real Estate Investment

Real estate transactions are exciting, so much so that the business of buying and selling real estate has formed the substance of several very engaging and entertaining TV shows. We become consumed with watching house-hunters, investors and many property virgins seek to acquire real estate for various purposes. What is usually not revealed in many […]

Motherhood and Your Job

Pregnancy is supposed to be one of the happiest times in a woman’s life. Very often however the good news of a pregnancy is accompanied by feelings of worry about the expenses associated with it. Some women also worry about the effect a pregnancy can have on their job security. Fortunately, The Maternity Leave Act […]

Tax Evasion, Avoidance or Mitigation: That is the question!

Wikipedia tells us that tax evasion is the term given to efforts to avoid paying taxes by illegal means while tax avoidance is the term used where the payment of tax is avoided or reduced by means that are within the law. Some persons also sometimes speak of tax mitigation, almost as a subcategory of […]

Athletes And The Preservation Of Their Gains

“Life is simply a cricket match, with temptation as the bowler” – Anonymous The continued success of Jamaican athletes at the Olympic Games and other international sports competitions is certain to have one important consequence: the growth and development of law relating to sports and sportsmen. Jamaican athletes (especially the highly successful ones) will have […]

Protecting Brand Jamaica After The London Games

“Brand Jamaica” is one of the biggest success stories coming out of the London Games. And it’s our brand. Brand Jamaica is an asset and the value seems to be appreciating on a daily basis. By my rough calculation, this asset is constituted by Usain Bolt; Reggae and Dancehall music; the black, green and gold […]

See No Evil Hear No Evil

While parents are responsible for monitoring what their children see and hear, the electronic media industry also plays a very important role in this regard. Players in this industry have the ability to shoot potentially harmful media content into private homes where impressionable minds may get caught in the cross fire. It is therefore important […]