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Athletes And The Preservation Of Their Gains

“Life is simply a cricket match, with temptation as the bowler” – Anonymous The continued success of Jamaican athletes at the Olympic Games and other international sports competitions is certain to have one important consequence: the growth and development of law relating to sports and sportsmen. Jamaican athletes (especially the highly successful ones) will have […]

Protecting Brand Jamaica After The London Games

“Brand Jamaica” is one of the biggest success stories coming out of the London Games. And it’s our brand. Brand Jamaica is an asset and the value seems to be appreciating on a daily basis. By my rough calculation, this asset is constituted by Usain Bolt; Reggae and Dancehall music; the black, green and gold […]

See No Evil Hear No Evil

While parents are responsible for monitoring what their children see and hear, the electronic media industry also plays a very important role in this regard. Players in this industry have the ability to shoot potentially harmful media content into private homes where impressionable minds may get caught in the cross fire. It is therefore important […]

Jumping the Queue: Priority of mortgages: When is first not first

When land is mortgaged more than once, the general rule is that priority is given to the mortgage registered first on the land title. So if a loan is not repaid in accordance with the contract, triggering the bank’s need to sell the property, the first mortgagee must be paid out before the second mortgagee […]

Take Care With Advertising For Summer Games

An advertiser’s biggest dream is a captive audience and large successful events usually provide the ideal audience for an advertiser to communicate its message. The Summer Olympic Games is ranked by National Geographic as No. 2 on its list of Top 10 Sporting Events. ranked the Summer Olympic Games as the second most valuable […]

Can Calling Someone Gay Lead Straight To Court?

There is no doubt that, as a nation, Jamaica is far more tolerant of homosexuals than it was even 10 years ago. As tolerance increases, the stigma associated with gays decreases to the point where, in certain countries, it is no longer defamatory to falsely accuse a straight person of being gay. In other countries, […]

Joint Ventures: A Vehicle For Business Growth

A savvy business owner is constantly on the lookout for new advantages that will set his or her business apart. A joint venture may provide the ideal vehicle to create those advantages in Jamaica’s challenging economic climate. Generally speaking, a joint venture is an arrangement between two or more persons who, each lacking one or […]

Pension Plan Disclosures & Communications

Understanding the relatively complex area of pensions is not necessarily easy when workers have widely varying educational levels. Prior to the Pensions Act’s promulgation in 2004, a good understanding of proper pension practices was restricted to actuaries, a few professional trustees and the shrewd businessman whose main interest was not the preservation of benefits for […]

Room Not To Rent, But To Licence

An advertisement in a recent newspaper invited “all interested persons to apply as licensor (landlord/homeowner)” to provide housing for commuting students. The advertisement was placed by the Accommodation Officer of a local university and informed the prospective ‘Licensors’ that ‘boarding be offered and NOT rented’ to their students. The advertisement further recommended a range of […]

The National Budget- Top Ten Legal Issues For Your Business

As the Minister of Finance closed the Budget Debate 2012/2013 he reminded Parliament that Jamaica can only survive if we get the debt to GDP ratio on a downward trajectory. This essentially means that the government needs to collect more taxes from the people; use a lot of it to pay down the debt; and […]