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Money Laundering

The proceeds of crime help criminals to proceed with crime. This is part of the thinking that informs the anti-money laundering provisions of the Proceeds of Crime Act. These provisions create specific money-laundering offences, outline applicable penalties, and impose obligations on businesses in regulated sectors to take active steps to prevent and detect money laundering. […]

Let Them Play

The development of alternative dispute resolution in Jamaica should include the establishment of a national sports dispute resolution programme (a “programme”). Arbitration is particularly valuable for resolving disputes in highly specialized areas, such as sports. Our sports community is vibrant, sometimes contentious, of huge cultural significance and it is big business (and growing!) The sporting […]

Closing down: Everything Must Go

Through the international media we have seen the effects of the global recession on former heavyweight companies forced to erect ubiquitous signs such as “Closing down: Everything Must Go”. Several companies in Jamaica from the financial, insurance, and tourism industries have fallen victim to liquidation. In this current economic climate it is therefore important that […]

Brand Protection Strategies to Tackle Counterfeiting

In Jamaica, illicit CDs and DVDs are readily available for sale in all major cities and towns. The proliferation of fake designer perfumes, handbags and other articles of clothing is testament to the fact that counterfeiting is a significant problem. The cost conscious consumer is happy to purchase these “designer” items at far less than […]

Charity Begins at Home

Christmas is a time for giving and as such charities benefit from the goodwill of the holiday season. Many companies illustrate their corporate social responsibility by donating to the many charities in Jamaica that give voice to those at risk and the underprivileged. Given the socio-economic contribution of charities to our society the question can […]


I have heard many persons bemoan the lack of scientific intuition in our country. Some persons have argued that in order for our country to truly develop, our people must invent and be a part of the process of creating solutions for the problems and recreational needs of the world. In these discussions, it is […]