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Managing Risks Associated with the use of Artificial Intelligence

Many organizations now use Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) to enhance product and service delivery. One common example is the use of natural language processing to answer customer queries. This form of technology uses AI to respond to customer queries without the assistance of humans. AI technology comes with a unique set of risks, however. In March […]

How stakeholders make and lose money in the music business

The music industry has produced both millionaires and persons who can barely make ends meet. Some, unfortunately, are not very talented and never make a lot of money, while others, unfortunately, are very talented and never make a lot of money. Success in the music business depends on several factors, and not just whether an […]

Are you Competitive or Anti-Competitive?

For most companies and other legal persons thoughts of a looming recession usually turn to thoughts of mortality and survival. The company is charging headlong into a battle for survival and is prepared to use any means necessary to emerge from the rubble. Like a battle, the use of force can escalate from intimidation to […]

Does the Sexual Harassment Law Raise the Standard of Care to be discharged by an Employer?

Every employer should know that when the new sexual harassment law comes into effect, it will establish a Sexual Harassment Tribunal that will hear sexual harassment claims brought by a worker against a co-worker or an employer. The new sexual harassment law intends to impose a duty on an employer to take certain measures to […]

Avoiding the “Dead Lef” Fight

By now, we may have heard of, witnessed first-hand, or even been involved in, family squabbles over “dead lef” (i.e., the assets – land, shares, jewellery, money, etc. – left behind, following the death of a loved one). There is however a relatively simple and effective way for us to “set our affairs in order” […]

To Guarantee or Indemnify: That is the Question

Both guarantees and indemnities play important, yet distinct roles in commercial and other agreements. Both are designed to satisfy a liability owed by someone (other than the guarantor or indemnifier) to a third person. It is therefore important that parties have a clear understanding of the difference between them.  GuaranteesUnder a guarantee, the guarantor contractually […]

Consequences: Considerations Before You Build (Restrictive Covenants)

Thinking about making an addition to your home or investing in a new real estate development? Before you build that additional room to the back, construct that high-rise apartment complex or make any change to land in general, take a close look at your Certificate of Title. There may be some important restrictions endorsed on […]

Do I Need Power of Attorney

You may experience a time in your life when it is inconvenient or impractical to carry out your own affairs, whether it relates to your business, property, bank accounts or even a matter before the court. In some of these circumstances, executing a power of attorney might be a solution for you. What is a […]

The protection of rights in Jamaican art: an essential factor in making our mark on the world

Emerging from a state of bondage that sought to stifle self-expression, Jamaicans are known worldwide as an expressive and artistic people who share our thoughts and ideas through various artforms including our music, poetry, paintings, dance expressions and literature. These artforms are afforded protection by our Copyright Act 1993, as amended in 1999 and 2015, […]

Covering all Bases – The Ins and Outs of a Release & Discharge

Parties to a dispute may consider it desirable to settle the dispute following receipt of legal advice. In some instances, the parties may wish to settle the dispute by way of a written agreement. A type of written agreement often used to compromise a dispute is a release and discharge (or simply, “a release”). What […]