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An Expensive Rest

Many people, especially in these difficult times, look to banks and other financial institutions for loan financing.  Often, due to financial constraints and at their own peril, people fail to get proper advice on loan agreements hastily entered into in order to defray immediate expenses.  But this can often have huge implications for the debtor […]

Jamaica Ripe for Local and Foreign Investments in Special Economic Zones

The introduction of the special economic zone (“SEZ”) regime in Jamaica 6 years ago was geared towards the positioning of Jamaica as a viable participant in global trade by creating a globally competitive environment in Jamaica in which businesses can thrive. With over 180 entities operating within 9 industries in over 100 SEZs across 8 […]

Stopping Illegal Stop and Search

The police have the authority to stop and question you at any time but for them to search you or your property, they must either have seen you commit a crime, have reasonable suspicion to believe you committed a crime, or have a judge-issued search warrant. A random search, especially a stop & search, is […]

Defamed by an Incredible Defamer?

Let’s say you’re a highly successful individual or business with a stellar reputation for both quality and integrity, and an incredible provoker publishes a completely baseless post online painting you as a liar, thief, incompetent or at least ‘sketchy’. These are classic examples of defamation and, provided these assertions are untrue, make for a solid […]

Sexual Harassment Law Will Demand Greater Employer Vigilance

The Sexual Harassment (Protection & Prevention) Act is all but ready for rollout. The most recent directive from the Minister with responsibility for the coming into effect of the law is that employers should get ready because it is only a matter of time before the sexual harassment law comes into force. The proposed sexual […]

Data Protection 101 for for MSME

Breaking Down Data Protection  for  the MSME On  December 1, 2021, sections of the Data Protection Act (“DPA”) were brought into force  and since then there have been gradual, but significant developments in the data protection landscape. The Office of the Information Commissioner has been established and the Information Commissioner appointed. More recently the Minister […]

Shareholders’ Agreements and Pre-emptive rights

members of the company, without any requirement for persons, other than the original subscribers, to sign confirming their agreement to the articles. Where the company will have more than one member or shareholder, the shareholders often wish to put in place a shareholders’ agreement to be agreed expressly by all of the company’s shareholders.  The […]

When you Intend to Hire an Independent Contractor but end up with an Employee

Sometimes employers want to engage the services of a person without making certain commitments and taking on certain responsibilities. You may intend to hire someone to carry out a particular function, with the expectation that you will only be required to pay the person for the services rendered. However, depending on the nature of the […]

Undue Process in Unjustifiable Dismissal

This week, Amy Cooper appeared in the Manhattan Criminal Court following an incident in May where she was videotaped making a false report to the police that an African-American man was threatening her life in Central Park. In fact, all he did was ask her to put her dog on a leash in an area […]

Declaring Political Contributions

If you or your company made a private donation or a gift to a politician or a political party since August 2020, it might not be as private as you think, all because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Under our political campaign financing law and regulations, all gifts, sponsorships, goods, services or money donated (hereafter called […]