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Pension Plan Disclosures & Communications

Understanding the relatively complex area of pensions is not necessarily easy when workers have widely varying educational levels. Prior to the Pensions Act’s promulgation in 2004, a good understanding of proper pension practices was restricted to actuaries, a few professional trustees and the shrewd businessman whose main interest was not the preservation of benefits for […]

Sandra Minott-Phillips appointed Queen’s Counsel

The Partners of Myers, Fletcher & Gordon are pleased to announce that SANDRA MINOTT-PHILLIPS has been admitted to the inner Bar and now holds the rank of Queen’s Counsel. Sandra Minott-Phillips is one of Jamaica’s leading civil litigators and has served as Head of the firm’s Litigation Department. A skilled practitioner for more than 20 […]

Room Not To Rent, But To Licence

An advertisement in a recent newspaper invited “all interested persons to apply as licensor (landlord/homeowner)” to provide housing for commuting students. The advertisement was placed by the Accommodation Officer of a local university and informed the prospective ‘Licensors’ that ‘boarding be offered and NOT rented’ to their students. The advertisement further recommended a range of […]

The National Budget- Top Ten Legal Issues For Your Business

As the Minister of Finance closed the Budget Debate 2012/2013 he reminded Parliament that Jamaica can only survive if we get the debt to GDP ratio on a downward trajectory. This essentially means that the government needs to collect more taxes from the people; use a lot of it to pay down the debt; and […]

Making It Easier To Give Collateral For Loans

The Government of Jamaica has for some time now been discussing ways to go about simplifying the process of giving collateral with the hope of facilitating greater access to loans. We all know that banks and other financial institutions are reluctant to give unsecured loans. One of the first questions when approached for a loan […]

Kerry-Ann Heavens appointed to Entertainment Advisory Board

Kerry-Ann Heavens has been appointed to the Entertainment Advisory Board. This Board will advise the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment on the development of an entertainment policy and legal framework to regulate the industry. The Chairman of the Board is Mr. Kingsley Cooper.

Whistleblowers And The Company

The perennial silence that previously resonated between employer and employee will experience a paradigm shift once the Protected Disclosures Act, 2011 (“the Act”) comes into operation. The Act which can be described as valiant move to decrease fraudulent and corrupt practices not only in the private but also in the public sector is commonly referred […]

Mandatory Retirement & ‘young people time now’

Studies have shown that, in general, an employee is most productive when he is in his 30s and 40s. Contrast that with data that shows that most employees reach their highest earning potential in their 50s and you start to see why some businesses are aiming for a younger workforce. Some businesses openly prefer to […]

The Junior Stock Exchange and Your Business

Operators of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are often like David fighting the Goliath of large scale competitors, cheap imports and expensive commercial borrowing. The Junior Stock Exchange was introduced in 2009 as a possible sling shot and pebble. While most of us may be familiar with the concept and potential benefits of listing […]

FATCA – A Fat Pill to Swallow

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act of the United States (FATCA) has created quite a buzz among Jamaicans; buzz, of course, being a euphemism for alarm. FATCA is the US Government’s attempt to improve tax compliance in the area of foreign financial assets and offshore accounts. One of the main arms of this controversial Act […]