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Repairing Rented Premises

When a person borrows an item from another, the borrower understands that he should return it in the same condition in which he received it. A landlord would believe that this principle also applies to premises he has rented to his carefully chosen tenant. However, it is not accurate for a landlord to assume that […]

Myers, Fletcher & Gordon receives international recognition for it’s leading trademark practice The 2012 edition of “WTR 1000 “

The 2012 edition of “WTR 1000 – The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals” accords Myers, Fletcher & Gordon international recognition for its leading trademark practice. As the firm continues its “best in class” tradition and shines a notch above the rest, WTR 1000 wrote that “Myers, Fletcher & Gordon has a busy trade mark practice that […]

Getting Your Product on the Market

Whether you have just come up with the most scrumptious recipe for low calorie chocolate chip cookies or signed a distributorship agreement for the next diet pill craze, there are a few legal steps to be taken before your product can hit the market. Depending on the nature of the product, it may require registration […]

Is the Ministry of Labour minding your business?

Some time ago we received a letter, on behalf of one of our clients, demanding notice pay on behalf of an employee who had been summarily dismissed. The letter warned, “…if your client somehow fail (sic) to have this matter settled by [x date] the matter will by (sic) referred to the Kingston Resident Magistrates […]

Government Procurement Procedures

Key aspects of public sector procurement are found in the Financial Administration and Audit Act, the Contractor General’s Act as well as other Acts and Regulations. Also, Jamaica is a signatory to international treaties that touch and concern public sector procurement. Under the Contractor-General’s Act, the award and implementation of government contracts is monitored by […]

Bruce and Simone closed another large commercial transaction

MF&G Takes the Cake – Bruce and Simone closed another large commercial transaction, this time involving tasty rum cakes. The Tortuga franchises through out the Caribbean were merged into one entity, in which Jamaica Producers Group acquired a majority interest. See related article here.

Norman Minott appointed as a member and Chairman of the Municipal Service Commission and the Parish Councils Services Commission

Norman Minott appointed as a member and Chairman of the Municipal Service Commission and the Parish Councils Services Commission. The Commission is responsible for the appointment of persons to the Parish Councils, their promotion, transfer, termination, dismissal and disciplinary control.

Andrea Scarlett Lozer appointed to the 2012-2013 Non-Traditional Trademark – Latin America & Caribbean Subcommittee of International Trademark Association

Duncan-Pryce Wants Review of Drivers’ Licensing System

Government Senator, Imani Duncan-Pryce, is proposing that the system of granting drivers’ licences be re-examined, in particular the process and qualifications required for an applicant to successfully obtain the valid licence. “There is widespread doubt concerning the integrity of the system by which drivers’ licences are issued in Jamaica,” Senator Duncan-Pryce said on February 24, […]

Preferential Treatment of a Creditor

Many companies have been hard hit by the global recession. In some cases, the company’s ability to pay its debts has been severely and irreversibly impaired. When faced with such financial difficulties the company may be pressured or tempted to treat one creditor in a more favourable way than the treatment afforded to the general […]